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Join the Päijän family as a dealer and bring the world's best rowing experience to your market! Represent our top-of-the-line, versatile rowing boats and the revolutionary, patented Aerot® oars. We align with major trends by offering fully electric solutions, promoting peace of mind in nature over speed. Partner with us to offer unparalleled quality and innovation, setting yourself apart in the boating industry.

NEW: Aerot® 2.0 is here!


Experience the next level of rowing. Aerot® by Päijän are technologically the... 

Your ticket to an effortless rowing adventure.

Imagine a lazy summer day, the sun warming your skin as you gently row across a tranquil lake. Now, with our latest Aerot® oars 2.0, that tranquil scene becomes even more blissful.

With a new stainless steel shaft oarlock, these oars are tougher and more adaptable than ever, ensuring a smooth rowing experience without any annoying squeaks. And thanks to the added rubber bushing, each stroke feels like a breeze, effortlessly propelling you forward as you maintain perfect posture.

At Päijän Boats, we're all about enhancing your summer adventures, and our Aerot® oars 2.0 are designed to do just that. So why not make this summer on the water one to remember with our upgraded oars? Enjoy the ease of rowing as you soak up the sunshine and the serene beauty of your surroundings.

NEW: PÄIJÄN SYVÄNNE - Limited edition

The Finnish summer is made of unforgettable moments. It's about secret shores and shared excursions. Moments when you discover something new. Shared moments that create memories of summer.

Päijän Syvänne is the first limited edition with a blue color scheme from the iconic Päijän boat collection. A boat that offers stability, durability, and confidence to curious adventurers. Just like Päijän always does. Syvänne brings a new kind of elegance even to a more urban taste. Its color inspiration comes from the deep unexplored waters of Lake Päijänne's Ristinselkä and the deadwood on deserted shores.

See the rowing boat in a new light. Experience Päijän Syvänne.

  • Päijän Rowing Boat

    Experience the rowing boat of the next generation. Päijän’s top-class directional and tilt stability ensure comfort. Easy maintenance, durability and safety guarantee that you don’t have to worry. The features of our iconic rowing boat also serve future generations: every Päijän boat is completely ready-made for electric motors.

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  • Päijän Aerot® Oars

    Say goodbye to squeaky oars and blisters on your hands. We started the silent revolution in rowing by way of rethinking oars. Our Aerot® oars are available with straight or bent handles. Our rowlocks are compatible with all outriggers and our oars are compatible with all boats. Made to last. Made in Finland. Naturally.

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Päijän features


Boats approved (CE) by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). Suitable for demanding sea conditions. Päijän offers the best user experience and durability. As simple as that.

The Finnish classic

Designed in Finland. Made in Finland. Made to last.

Perfected down to the last detail

Meticulous design. The right material choices. Every Päijän is made to meet the demands of boaters. Naturally.

Only Päijän is good enough.

Rowing boats

Our classic Finnish rowing boats are made to last from one generation of boaters to the next. They are ready for future generations. Every Päijän boat is fully prepared for an electric outboard motor. Storage spaces for batteries are standard in the L model.

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Worthy of your boat.


For as long as there have been boats, there have been oars. Now you can finally experience oars worthy of your boat. Our Aerot® oars are perfected down to the last detail and they are the technically most advanced and durable oars on the market.

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The silent icon.


The iconic design of Päijän boats stems from wisdom passed from one generation to the next. Perfected over the years, in the hands of masters. With love and care. So, what’s the rush anyway? You are already there. All is good.

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