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Päijän Syvänne 471Le - Limited Edition Package

Päijän Syvänne 471Le - Limited Edition Package

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Be quiet, drive electric. Päijän Syvänne 471Le is a rowing boat designed for an electric outboard motor. The boat has internal passages from the stern to the middle storage space for the electric motor cables. 

With this accessory package you get everything you need for your boat for easy going trips at lake or just floating on water enjoying perfect summer day. You can add engine of your choice and other accessories to even more personalize your boating experience.

Sun Deck accessory is designed to enhance your enjoyment on the water, this innovative addition turns your humble rowing boat into a luxurious floating retreat, perfect for soaking up the sun, relaxing with friends, or enjoying a picturesque picnic in the middle of the lake.

Päijän Syvänne is a limited edition with a blue color scheme in our classic boat collection. It offers the familiar stability, ease, and safety of Päijän.


Päijän Syvänne 471Le Rowing Boat
Päijän Sun Deck
Seating cushions
2 x Bow- & Stern Rails
Crash Bar
Aerot® Ote 2450mm -oars

Päijän 471Le Specifications:

Hull: Unsinkable polyurethane-filled 2-shell structure
Length: 471 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Maximum engine power: 3 kW / 4 hp
Personel: 4
Guarantee: 10 years
Model specification: 

Le= Cable ducts inside hull from battery in lockable storage space -> Electric Engine

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