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Päijän Boats

Electric Boat Package (520Le)

Electric Boat Package (520Le)

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Aerot® – Ote (Oars with angled handle) (Size)
Package includes:
  • Päijän 520Le
  • Aerot® Ote - 2450  / 2700 mm
  • Minn Kota Endura Max 50 electric motor
  • Towline FREE
  • Engine cabeling and installation FREE
  • Battery not included

Be quiet, drive electric. The Päijän 520L is a sturdier version of the iconic classic model in terms of its size. The boat features internal passages from the stern to the center storage compartment for the electric motor cables. 

Specification Päijän 520Le
Length: 520 cm
Weight: 117 kg
Max. Engine: 4 kW / 5 hp
Personel: 4
Quarantee: 10 years
Storage space: front and middle seat
Cable ducts inside hull from storage space / battery

Electric Engine:

The Digital Maximizer technology of the Endura Max controls and adjusts the power demand of the motor at different speeds. This allows you to fish at varying speeds for up to five times longer. Other strengths of the Endura Max include the telescoping handle that improves driving ergonomics, a convenient battery charge level display, a durable composite shaft, and a lever lock bracket that can be adjusted to ten positions and features a quick-release lever.

Like all Minn Kota electric motors, the Endura Max operates cool and is pleasantly quiet. The ergonomic and telescoping steering handle can be extended by 15 cm for better steering position. The 10-position transom bracket made of special composite material and the nearly indestructible shaft withstand bending, twisting, and UV light. You can check the battery charge level with a press of a button on top of the motor. The infinite speed control in both forward and reverse saves power. The motor should be protected by a 60A fuse.

Model: Endura Max 50 Thrust: 22.7 kg Voltage: 580W / 50A 12V Shaft Length: 91 cm (36") Max Boat Length: 5.5 m (18')

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