Now you can finally experience oars worthy of your boat. Nice and quiet. Just as their creators are. 

Päijän Aerot® create a new connection between you and nature. The new Aerot® oars combine the best of traditional oars with advanced design, ergonomics and technology. They are the next generation of oars that turn rowing back into a silent, peaceful, almost meditative experience. 

The patented Aerot® oars are designed and manufactured in Finland. Just as our rowing boats are. 

Aerot 2.0 is here!

With a new stainless steel shaft oarlock, these oars are tougher and more adaptable than ever, ensuring a smooth rowing experience without any annoying squeaks. And thanks to the added rubber bushing, each stroke feels like a breeze, effortlessly propelling you forward as you maintain perfect posture.

At Päijän Boats, we're all about enhancing your summer adventures, and our Aerot® oars 2.0 are designed to do just that.

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Aerot® review by Jari Saario


Aerot® oars


Aerot® Ote - oar with angled handle improves rowing posture ergonomics. 20° angle and rotating handle for a comfortable rowing experience. The rail at the bottom of the oar allows for precise oar lock adjustments, facilitating individual rower customization.


Anodized aluminum shaft and durable fiber glass strengthened polyamid components ensure Aerot@ excels in any weather and conditions. Blade remains intact even when rowing through shattered ice.


  1. The angled and rotating handle on Aerot® Ote transforms the ergonomics of rowing, engaging larger back muscles with each stroke.
  2. The large, concave-shaped blade provides exceptional grip on the water.
  3. The rigid aluminum shaft, coupled with a low-friction oar lock, optimizes energy transfer into movement. Together, these features make Aerot® the most efficient oar on the market.

Fun fact: The blade also boasts a steep angled shape to prevent water from running along the shaft into the boat. Additionally, there's a hole in the blade for anti-theft locking purposes.

Design & Background

Aerot® is a Finnish innovation crafted in Lahti, Finland. Our commitment to durability motivates us to create products designed for the most challenging conditions. Oars have remained unchanged for millennia, and we believed it was time for an improvement. In 2023, we introduced Aerot® - the next evolution of oars. Aerot® is a maintenance-free product with a 2-year warranty."

Compatibility with different boat models

The oars are crafted to perfectly suit all boat models in Finland and the Nordic region, with a standard shank diameter of 17 mm. You can update your boat by buying Aerot oar lock holders. Those can be conveniently purchased from our online store or authorized resellers.

For rowing boats, we recommend the 2450 mm long Aerot® as it ensures optimal angle of the oar and water for efficiency. For rowing motor boats with higher sides, we suggest the 2700 mm long Aerot® for the same optimal angle.

In the future, variations of shank size and diameter will be made available to accommodate all national standards. If interested contact our sales.

Aerot® Oars


Tunto and Ote

The innovative Aerot® oars have been designed in cooperation with the LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts, and they are suitable for all boats. An innovative blade gives extra propulsion to the glide. Two models available: Tunto with straight handles, and Ote with bent handles.


No blisters, no pain

Superior ergonomics. Handles are equipped with soft grip. The bent handles of the Ote model rotate. The grip is made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is comfortable in your hands. Thanks to continuous adjustment system, Aerot® oars are suitable for rowers of all ages and sizes.


The silent pioneer

Shaft, blade and mobile handles make rowing silent. Aerot® oars are manufactured in a sustainable way and they are made to last. Anodised aluminium is resistant to salty water, which makes Aerot® a perfect companion for demanding sea conditions. The composite oarlock structure, stainless steel shaft and sleeve made of lubricated polyacetal guarantee excellent wear resistance and low friction. Other composite components are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide with high strength and toughness. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and made in Finland.

Aerot® installation - In Finnish.

Experience the silent revolution in rowing

Imagine a perfect day for boating. The bow is directed to your favourite place. Every pull is effortless and the sun warms the back of your hands. Nothing could disturb your bliss. You are on the way, yet already there.