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Aerot® – Ote (Oars with angled handle)

Aerot® – Ote (Oars with angled handle)

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UPDATED VERSION! Steel shaft at oarlock.
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Vene Magazine - Oar test 7/2023:

Best in class: 10/10 adjustability
Best in class: 10/10 grip on water

With Päijän Aerot®, you’re on a journey and already at home. The new Aerot™ oars combine the benefits of traditional oars with advanced design, ergonomics, and technology. They’re the next generation of oars to bring tranquility back to rowing.

Two different models: the more traditional straight-handled Tunto or the ergonomic angled Ote.

Cushioned handles with a grippy surface. The angled Ote model features rotating handles.

Available in three different lengths: 2200 mm, 2450 mm, and 2700 mm. The 2450 mm length is best suited for Päijän and other low-sided rowing boats. For boats with a higher side, we recommend the longer model. The shortest model works well in small salmon fishing boats, for example.

Fit 17 mm oarlocks. No squeaking.

No Aerot composite oarlock holders included. Update oarlocks by buying new Aerot composite oarlock holders here »

Perforation for theft prevention, allowing you to lock your Aerot™ oars.

Infinitely adjustable for rowers of all sizes. 

Composite parts made of highly durable and tough glass fiber-reinforced polyamide.

100% recyclable aluminium.

2-year warranty.

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