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Päijän 471Le rowing boat for electric outboard motor

Päijän 471Le rowing boat for electric outboard motor

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Be quiet, drive electric. Päijän 471Le is a rowing boat designed for an electric outboard motor. The boat has internal passages from the stern to the middle storage space for the electric motor cables. Päijän 471L is our familiar classic model, which has been enhanced with storage compartments in the front and middle seats.

Päijän 471Le Specifications:
Hull: 2-shell fiberglass with waterproof polyurethane filling
Length: 471 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Maximum engine power: 3 kW / 4 hp
Personel: 4
Storage space: front and middle seat
Cable ducts inside hull from storage space / battery
Guarantee: 10 years

In order to qualify for the 10-year warranty, boat registration within 3 months of purchase is required. Otherwise, a 1-year warranty applies.

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