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Päijän Syvänne 520Le rowing boat - Limited Edition

Päijän Syvänne 520Le rowing boat - Limited Edition

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Be quiet, drive electric. Päijän 520L is a sturdier version of the iconic classic model. The boat has internal passages from the stern to the middle storage space for the electric motor cables.

Päijän Syvänne is a limited edition with a blue color scheme in our classic boat collection. It offers the familiar stability, ease, and safety of Päijän. This rowing boat allows for the use of a 4-kilowatt motor.

Specification Päijän 520Le

Hull: Unsinkable polyurethane-filled 2-shell structure
Length: 520 cm
Weight: 117 kg
Max. Engine: 4 kW / 5 hp
Personel: 4
Model specification: Le= Cable ducts inside hull from battery in lockable storage space -> Electric Engine
Guarantee : 10 years

In order to qualify for the 10-year warranty, boat registration within 3 months of purchase is required. Otherwise, a 1-year warranty applies.

Other Models: L=Storage space: front and middle seat, lockable

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