Päijän and new oars in Jari Saario's test: The rowing experience of a new era

Päijän and new oars in Jari Saario's test: The rowing experience of a new era

We interviewed Jari Saario, who rowed across the Atlantic to test Päijän's new Aerot. At the same time, he shared his insights on how the deep meaning of nature and being close to water bring harmony and balance to his life.

Oars are now Aerot.

Rowboat oars have been unchanged for a century, but now Päijän is bringing a change to it. The new oars are now called Aerot and reflect the lightness of rowing. The Aerot combine the good qualities of traditional oars with advanced design, ergonomics and technology. They are the next generation of oars that bring peace back to rowing.

Designed in collaboration with the Lahti Institute of Design and manufactured in Finland from 100% recycled aluminium, fibre and composite, they stand the test of time and wear better than wooden oars. It is for this reason that the Aerot do not hydrogenate, and are therefore maintenance-free.

"I believe that these Aerot are the future" - Jari Saario

Saario describes the Päijän Aerot as "a really good size, it fits in the hand and is a pleasure to pull". They are also easy to attach and don't pop out of the holder in the middle of a row. 

"The size of the blade is good, there's a clear idea of how to get a kick out of the stroke, and that it's effective. Plus the look of the Aerot, although in this business looks don't matter that much, but they are damn good looking!" Saario says.

"I like the cupped shape of the blades, as it ensures better power extraction from the water. The size of the Päijän Aerot is perfect for rowing and the whole package feels very good. With the cupped blades, the flotation is great too." Saario adds.

 The adjustability of the Aero enables the right position to be found for every rower, which is particularly important for a holistic rowing experience.

There are two Aerot models, Ote and Tunto. The Ote has an angled handle and the Tunto is straight. Compared to the traditional wooden handle, the Aeros have a more ergonomic handle design and the rotation of the Ote handle saves the hands from crevices. "The glide path is significantly smaller compared to traditional oars and therefore excellent, you don't have to lift and lower as much. There's also no need to squeeze the oars, they fit the hand well and the thickness is just right. A loose and relaxed grip is important in rowing. My wife and I tested these and she was completely sold, and I'm not surprised. I believe that these Aerot are the future" Saario says.

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Jari Saario and life balance: 'Rowing is the key'

Every time Saario steps into a boat and disconnects from the shore, he experiences a sense of relaxation, which allows his mind to rest. Rowing allows him to forget the stresses of everyday life and concentrate fully on the movement of being on the water. It is a meditative experience in which he feels the movement of his body and the influence of the surrounding nature. "Rowing is one of the most essential parts of my life and it helps me find balance and peace." Saario says.

Saario explains: With these elements you can create the perfect rowing experience

 What are the elements that make up the perfect rowing experience? According to Jari Saario, the key is quality equipment. It allows the rower to concentrate fully on enjoying the peace of nature and the connection with the surrounding water, without distractions.

A quality and stable boat, such as Päijän rowing boat, provides a reliable and safe environment on the water that can withstand a variety of weather conditions while offering comfort and functionality to the rower.

Accessories are also an important part of the rowing experience. Safety equipment such as life jackets are essential, as are, for example, lighting and signalling devices. These ensure smooth and safe navigation on the water.  And of course, you can't talk about a rowing experience without oars. Saario recommends the new Päijänne Aerot. They are ergonomically designed and made to last, making them the perfect addition to any rower's equipment. And if a longer trip is planned, Saario points out the importance of spare oars.

According to Saario, rowing is one of the best ways to get out and about to enjoy the great outdoors, and its affordability opens up water sports to many.

Get on the water and experience the Aerot.

Ultimately, rowing is simple: sit in the boat, take the Aeros in your hands and let the call of the water guide you. Experience it for yourself, get out into the peace of nature and let the waves push away the worries of everyday life.

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