Take it easy.

Calm lifestyle. Balance between man and the northern nature. And the knowledge which is based on them, knowledge which can only be mastered by a true rowing boat expert. One like Päijän. We are trusted by boaters. As we have been for almost a hundred years.

After all, a boat is an important tool. The one with which you can reach to your favourite place and experience peace of mind.

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Only Päijän is good

Our long traditions have given us the multi-generational wisdom on how to build a harmonious rowing boat. It’s not luck. We build them with skill. Päijän's top-class directional and tilt stability ensure comfort. Ease of maintenance, durability and safety guarantee that you don’t have to worry. The features of our iconic boat also serve the future. Every Päijän is completely ready-made for electric motors. Among other things.

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The safest on the market. Approved (CE) by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). The best boat in terms of usability and durability. Simply.

Ready for future generations

Fully equipped for an electric outboard motor. Storage spaces for batteries are standard in the L model. Cable ducts inside the boat's hull as an accessory.

The Finnish classic

Designed & made in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes. That's why it lasts. 

Perfected down to the last detail

Meticulous design. The right material choices. Made to meet the demands of boaters, absolutely. 

Order your own Päijän


Order your own Päijän

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+358 400 727333



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